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  • The inside scoop on Thanksgiving stuffing

    The inside scoop on Thanksgiving stuffing

    To brine or not to brine? High heat or low and slow? Jellied or whole berry? And of course, to stuff or not to stuff?

  • Gluten-free diners can feast on Thanksgiving, too

    Gluten free diners can feast on Thanksgiving  too

    Cooking for someone with a wheat allergy or sensitivity is never easy, but it's particularly trying during the holidays. So much of what we love to serve at our Thanksgiving table is chock-full of gluten — from the buttery crust on the pumpkin...

  • Tips for slicing winter squash

    Tips for slicing winter squash

    What's the best way to cut hard-skinned winter squash? It's a question that readers have asked plenty of times.
    With Thanksgiving a few weeks away, a squash dish deserves a spot on your holiday table.

  • The perfect Thanksgiving cheese spread

    The perfect Thanksgiving cheese spread

    Why isn't cheese a bigger player in the Thanksgiving meal (other than the fact that there probably wasn't much of it in 17th century Plymouth)? Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to serve cheese, for reasons both lofty and practical.

  • Thanksgiving side dishes that are sophisticated and satisfying

    Thanksgiving side dishes that are sophisticated and satisfying

    The vegetables at a Thanksgiving feast are not just the sidekicks. They are a big part of the main act when you count the taste, texture, color, flavor and many preparation possibilities.


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