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  • Musician Megan McMillan hopes to help newcomers

    Musician Megan McMillan hopes to help newcomers

    Megan McMillan loves to hear the sound of clapping hands after playing an original song for an audience.
    But now, the Centreville native wants to record her own album for fans to listen to long after she leaves the stage.

  • MARK HUGHES COBB: If you want something, you have to go and get it

    More musical numbers should feature Batman, though I recognize the difficulty of adroitly fitting "no living parents" into your lyric scheme. So I'm here to help, all those of you not connected with "The Lego Movie."

  • Q&A: 'Modern Family' producer talks episode shot with iPhone

    Q A   Modern Family  producer talks episode shot with iPhone

    For this week's "Modern Family," producers put down their expensive professional cameras and shot the episode with iPhones and other Apple devices. Seen through the eyes of character Claire Dunphy as she uses a Mac laptop, characters only appear on...

  • Academy acknowledges Joan Rivers' absence from memorial

    Academy acknowledges Joan Rivers  absence from memorial

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued a statement Monday acknowledging the complaints that Joan Rivers was not featured in the "In Memoriam" tribute during Sunday night's Oscar ceremony.

  • Burberry, Hunter, Kane lead London fashion shows

    Burberry  Hunter  Kane lead London fashion shows

    London Fashion Week rolled out the big guns Monday, with British design powerhouse Burberry hosting the glitziest catwalk show of the season. Hunter, the maker of the classic Wellington boots, evoked wild Scottish countryside with indoor waterfalls,...



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