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  • DIRTY CASUAL: ‘Free’ games are not usually worth what you end up paying

    DIRTY CASUAL    8216 Free  8217  games are not usually worth what you end up paying

    It’s easy for gamers to sit back and verbally wallop on “Candy Crush Saga” and similar games for their simplistic gameplay and tendency to birth addicts, but for average game fans, that’s not all that bad a thing.

  • DIRTY CASUAL: Sometimes you just can’t help but watch the (game) world burn

    DIRTY CASUAL  Sometimes you just can  8217 t help but watch the  game  world burn

    We all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes include plunking down $10 for a game on the suggestion of hundreds of sarcastic Steam reviews. The game in question shall not be named (moreso to protect my integrity than the company that made it), but...

  • GAME BYTES: Gamers, stop being hypocrites, please

    GAME BYTES  Gamers  stop being hypocrites  please

    The World Cup ended on Sunday, and legions of nerds shouted “thank God!” before turning on a livestream of the EVO 2014 fighting game tournaments. It was a weird day, and seemingly no one batted an eye at this.

  • Walter Parks: Sounds of the swamp at the Bama

    Walter Parks  Sounds of the swamp at the Bama

    Over a decades-spanning career, Walter Parks has been pegged as a blues or jazz guitarist, while playing with fusion group Sneakers, or as sideman to the legendary Richie Havens. Or possibly he's a folkie, as half of the duo The Nudes, with cellist...

  • Miranda Lambert returns to the Amp

    Miranda Lambert returns to the Amp

    A girl’s journal holds her masked feelings, deep thoughts and outrageous dreams, and sometimes even the name of the boy who holds her heart. A girl’s journal evolves and matures with its keeper. A girl’s journal essentially becomes...

  • Summer Shindig II coming to the Bama Theatre

    Summer Shindig II coming to the Bama Theatre

    It’s time to shindig again with local talent at tonight’s Summer Shindig II at the Bama Theatre. This year, Summer Shindig II will be sponsored by Druid City Brewing Co. and The Left Hand Soap Co. The featured artists at tonight’s...

  • MEET THE BAND: Della Ray

    MEET THE BAND  Della Ray

    This week meet Della Ray, a married-couple band featuring Adam and Natalie Morrow of Callooh! Callay! Della Ray will play the after-party for the Bama's Summer Shindig II at the Alcove International Tavern. Also playing the after-party will be...

  • LOCAL Q&A: Holly Roberts

    LOCAL Q A  Holly Roberts

    Holly Roberts joined Kentuck last year as its program manager, moving here from Dothan. Roberts says she enjoys the diversity Tuscaloosa has to offer and loves bringing visitors to Tuscaloosa's hidden treasures.

  • GAME BYTES: The effect of episodic games

    GAME BYTES  The effect of episodic games

    A few years ago — or more like nine, really — somebody named Gabe Newell announced that the beloved “Half-Life” franchise would, in the wake of “Half-Life 2,” move to an episodic model. Instead of one big release...

  • DIRTY CASUAL: For some, giving up Xbox for PS3 will be worth the trade

    DIRTY CASUAL  For some  giving up Xbox for PS3 will be worth the trade

    Despite telling myself some time ago that consoles weren’t really my thing anymore and that I’d likely never get one again (in print, no less), I’ve caved. I’m now a semi-happy but mostly ambivalent owner of a PlayStation 3.

  • DIRTY CASUAL: Gain leadership skills from games

    DIRTY CASUAL  Gain leadership skills from games

    Leads a group of dozens of like-minded individuals in high-stakes progression-focused goals.”
    “Organizational optimization resulted in a 30 percent increase in productivity.”

  • GAME BYTES: People are still individuals

    GAME BYTES  People are still individuals

    It’s old wisdom that when a population reaches a certain size it becomes difficult to think of people as individuals making up a whole, rather than just as being a uniform component of that whole, but even with smart people acknowledging this...