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  • Paul Prudhomme leaves Cajun cooking legacy

    Paul Prudhomme leaves Cajun cooking legacy

    At K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen during the early 1980s, chef and owner Paul Prudhomme would drive to his hometown near Opelousas in his pickup truck and come back loaded down with supplies reflecting his native Cajun cuisine.

  • MARK HUGHES COBB: Music isn’t necessarily universal

    Old man up the road John Fogerty released a memoir/autobiography this week, assisted by the same guy who helped Neil Young with “Shakey,” so that should be interesting.

  • Injury forces Keira Knightley to miss show

    Injury forces Keira Knightley to miss show

    NEW YORK | These are trying times at the Broadway show “Therese Raquin” — first a show was interrupted by a man in the audience who threw flowers, and now star Keira Knightley had to withdraw from Wednesday’s performance.

  • Top contenders for the Nobel Prize in literature

    Top contenders for the Nobel Prize in literature 

    STOCKHOLM | Today, the winner of this year's Nobel Prize in literature will be announced by the first ever female permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius. The secretive academy drops no hints on whom they are considering, but that...

  • ABC Family network changing name to Freeform

    ABC Family network changing name to Freeform

    The ABC Family network, home of youthful dramas Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters, said Tuesday it will change its name to Freeform this winter.



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