Tuscaloosa Music

  • MEET THE BAND: Paul Bruens of The Vegabonds

    MEET THE BAND  Paul Bruens of The Vegabonds

    This week we chatted with Paul Bruens of the "New South Rock" — not to be confused with Southern rock — band The Vegabonds.
    Despite the name, they are not all vegans, drivers of Chevy Vegas or especially close fans of Suzanne Vega.

  • MEET THE BAND: Deputy 5

    MEET THE BAND  Deputy 5

    What started off as two different groups contending for a spot at a club lead to the formation of Birmingham's Deputy 5. Tommy O'Barr answered some questions for Tusk.

  • MEET THE BAND: Chase Evan

    MEET THE BAND  Chase Evan

    Born and raised in Northport, Chase Evan likes to keep his mus-ic close to home. On his website, www.chaseevan.com, he notes that it was at a concert by another singer when he first felt moved to be a musician, even though he grew up in a musical...

  • MEET THE BAND: Knympho Knife

    MEET THE BAND  Knympho Knife 

    This week we heard a little from Brandon Varner about how his Tuscaloosa funk-grunge band Knympho Knife got its start playing DIY shows all around town.

  • MEET THE BAND: Micah Davis

    MEET THE BAND  Micah Davis

    University of Alabama student Micah Davis started out playing in a band and now writes and performs solo, a blend of folk and ambient music with a hint of his old punk-rock influences.

  • MEET THE BAND: Anna Thomas of Rumble Pack

    MEET THE BAND  Anna Thomas of Rumble Pack 

    Anna Thomas of Rumble Pack answered some questions about her currently two-person band. She plays guitar, writes and sings work alternately described as "shoegaze, sludge rock, drone, grunge, post-punk and post-rock."

  • Mary Tylosaur to celebrate new record with two release parties

    Mary Tylosaur to celebrate new record with two release parties 

    Mary Tylosaur will give fans an opportunity to celebrate its new record release, with not one but two record release parties Saturday.

  • MEET THE BAND: Soul Tide

    MEET THE BAND  Soul Tide

    Soul Tide mixes its own styles and instruments to produce a mixture of soul, funk and R&B that can be heard all over Tuscaloosa. Guitarist and singer John Holaway, who also performs with the Voodoo Saints, answered some questions.

  • MEET THE BAND: The High Fidelics

    MEET THE BAND  The High Fidelics

    This week we're talking with Robert "Rowbear" Huffman of The High Fidelics, a Birmingham-based band that contains 3/4 of semi-legendary Tuscaloosa group Club Wig.

  • MEET THE BAND: The Doctors and The Lawyers

    MEET THE BAND  The Doctors and The Lawyers

    Through random dorm placement at the University of Alabama, five young men came together to produce an alternative rock band that builds off a combination of its members' creative sounds.

  • Peter Frampton and the Doobie Brothers to play the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

    Peter Frampton and the Doobie Brothers to play the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

    Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday for a July 18 concert featuring , Peter Frampton and the Doobie Brothers at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater 2710 Jack Warner Parkway NE.

  • MEET THE BAND: Festival Expressions

    MEET THE BAND  Festival Expressions

    This week we talked with Festival Expressions from Birmingham, a band that covers many genres of music, from rock to soul to reggae and more. 

  • 'American Idol' winner Fantasia coming to Tuscaloosa Amphitheater this summer; will be joined by Joe

     American Idol  winner Fantasia coming to Tuscaloosa Amphitheater this summer  will be joined by Joe

    A pair of one-name stars will hit the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater this summer, when R&B singer and actress Fantasia, who won the third season of "American Idol," is joined by singer-songwriter and producer Joe in a show starting at 7 p.m. June 13.