Tuscaloosa Music

  • Black Jacket Symphony bringing Pink Floyd flavor to Tuscaloosa

    Black Jacket Symphony bringing Pink Floyd flavor to Tuscaloosa

    Barring time travel, tonight's Black Jacket Symphony recreation at the Bama is probably the next best thing to Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" live.

  • MUSIC Q&A: Brent McCollough of Black Jacket Symphony

    MUSIC Q A  Brent McCollough of Black Jacket Symphony

    This week, meet Brent McCollough, a keyboardist who'll be featured this weekend with the Black Jacket Symphony in the Bama Theatre.

  • MEET THE BAND: Sarah McQuaid

    MEET THE BAND  Sarah McQuaid

    Sarah McQuaid, “International Woman of Mystery,” will perform originals, folk ballads, ’30s jazz and more at Monday’s Acoustic Night at the Bama. You can get a preview on her site at www.sarahmcquaid.com.

  • Golden Monica to play at Druid City Brewing Company to benefit public radio

    Golden Monica to play at Druid City Brewing Company to benefit public radio

    Alabama Public Radio and the Druid City Brewing Co. team for a fundraiser Saturday, “Putting the Pub in Public Radio.”

  • Mulligan Brothers return to Tuscaloosa

    Mulligan Brothers return to Tuscaloosa

    The Mulligan Brothers return to Tuscaloosa Thursday for its second Acoustic Night at the Bama performance in the last three months.

  • MEET THE BAND: Blackberry Breeze

    MEET THE BAND  Blackberry Breeze

    This week, meet Blackberry Breeze. This young band was founded in 2012 but has since grown to be a go-to band for the Tuscaloosa area. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Trey Foshee answered some questions, on behalf of his band members — Wesley...

  • MEET THE BAND: Trotline

    MEET THE BAND  Trotline

    This week meet Trotline, a band that is no stranger to the Tuscaloosa area. The band frequents fraternity houses in Tuscaloosa, but it has been playing since 1999 and has opened for big names including Kenny Chesney. The band has been playing music...

  • MEET THE BAND: T.U.B.: The Unknamed Band

    MEET THE BAND  T U B   The Unknamed Band

    This week, meet T.U.B. the Unknamed Band. With inspiration from bands such as The Grateful Dead, Phish and Widespread Panic, T.U.B.’s set list is always changing; it’s a popular group at Greek events and other places around town. The...

  • MEET THE BAND: Mother Funk

    MEET THE BAND  Mother Funk

    This week, meet Mother Funk, including Josh Ferrell on guitar and vocals, Burnham Hawk on lead guitar and vocals, A.C. DeMoss on keyboards and vocals, Casey Peranich on drums and Davis Hudson on bass. Ferrell and DeMoss answered some questions for...

  • Walter Parks: Sounds of the swamp at the Bama

    Walter Parks  Sounds of the swamp at the Bama

    Over a decades-spanning career, Walter Parks has been pegged as a blues or jazz guitarist, while playing with fusion group Sneakers, or as sideman to the legendary Richie Havens. Or possibly he's a folkie, as half of the duo The Nudes, with cellist...

  • MEET THE BAND: The Park Band

    MEET THE BAND  The Park Band

    This week, meet The Park Band. These Alabama natives are a popular pick among University of Alabama fraternity and sororities, but also enjoy playing at various bars on The Strip. The band celebrated six years together in June. Though they stick to...

  • MEET THE BAND: The Mobros

    MEET THE BAND  The Mobros

    This week, we're talking to The Mobros. This band of brothers, Kelly and Patrick Morris, recently played at their favorite Tuscaloosa venue, the Green Bar. They are now working on booking more shows for an upcoming tour from New York City to...

  • Southbound Music Festival promotes vibrant music scene

    Southbound Music Festival promotes vibrant music scene

    Four and a half years ago, brothers Michael and David Seale built the idea for a podcast, which featured musicians strictly local to the Birmingham area. The podcast grew into a radio show when Birmingham Mountain Radio (107.3 FM) got started in...